Modern Trade

Be where your Customers are

Advantages of the modern channel:

  • providing your Contractors with a vast distribution network that encompasses all of Poland
  • access to research on market trends obtained by means of distribution networks
  • possibility to adjust the long-term business concept to the trends shaped by retail chains
  • the most cost-effective way to promote products on a national scale
  • access to the most effective tools for strengthening demand and sales
  • direct access to the end customer through retail chains provides the opportunity to review consumer feedback and performance data
  • presence in trading networks brings prestige to the manufacturer’s products
  • collaboration with retail chains is an opportunity for long-term growth of your company. By acquiring collaboration in the field of private label products, you gain the opportunity to expand outside the Polish market.


By choosing to work with us, our clients avoid the risk of making wrong personnel decisions. We offer the highest level of specialisation and knowledge in respect of how to collaborate successfully with retail chains.

What makes us special?

In all our activities we rely on our expert knowledge on the functioning of retail chains, their procedures and operational schemes, as well as on established personal relations. This experience allowed us to develop a unique concept of service for companies wishing to establish or intensify their collaboration with the modern channel.

Benefits of working with us:

Immediate access to specialised knowledge, optimisation of costs of reaching and serving retail chain customers, no need to create a specialised commercial structure generating administrative costs. Taking advantage of established personal relationships.


The market of retail chains in Poland is very dynamic. While some chains develop, other close down, therefore it is very important to choose the right contractor and to properly establish the collaboration and its terms and conditions. Retail chains provide an opportunity to make an appearance on the national and regional level and to reach a larger number of customers. The collaboration with retail chains is based on these three main models: in-out actions, permanent listing, private label.

DThanks to MDINVESTMENT you will have the opportunity to choose the right buyer in the form of a distribution network, to present your offer in a way that guarantees success and to have direct access to the people responsible for your product range. We will guide you step by step, starting with the creation of the Presentation, the Price List that secures your future collaboration, we will assess the agreements and help you choose the right Logistics Partner.

Finding the right person with experience and contacts in Modern Trade is extremely difficult, and when we find the right person costs become so high that they effectively hinder the company’s development. Thanks to our experience dating back to 2013 we will give you the opportunity to develop your business for the cost of 1/10 of the target employee or employees.

Do you wish to collaborate with us?