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Modern product distribution channel


Increase sales of your products through access to nationwide retail chains


Your products become available in every part of the country


By means of our established contacts you have the opportunity to appear in modern trade channels, thanks to which your products will gain new customers and your brand will become recognisable.


Thanks to modern trade collaboration you will reduce marketing costs to a minimum

``Action is the foundation key to all success.``

Pablo Picasso

Sales Outsourcing
in Modern Trade

We provide an individual approach
to each and every customer


Sales Outsourcing by means of modern distribution channels:

Reducing monthly costs to 1/10

Access to knowledge and experience in collaboration with retail chains

Assistance of specialists in planning sales, collaboration and negotiation of commercial agreements

Assistance in the selection of potential contractors based on time planning and their capacity

Reporting system and full control over the course of collaboration

Ability to transform sales from local to national level at a cost of less than one employee at the sales representative level


  1. Analysis of your product, its potential, and possibilities

  2. Collaboration offer, drawing up an agreement

  3. Preparation of presentation and pricing strategy

  4. Cyclical offering, overseeing delivery, pre-interviews

  5. Analysis and negotiation of collaboration conditions with Retail Chains

  6. Setting up logistics based on own transport or with the collaboration of logistics companies working with us.

  7. Collaboration coordination


Properly negotiated and agreed terms and conditions of the agreement with retail chains give the possibility of long-term collaboration and enable further development of the company.

Our experience will allow us to guide you through all stages of the collaboration and introduce your products to the modern market.

There are two basic collaboration models:

Fixed-term collaboration that is valid for several months (to be determined, we recommend a term of minimum 6 months) with the possibility of extension. Profit sharing (percentage-based). The scope of collaboration includes: product analysis, competition analysis, assistance in preparation of price list and presentation, cyclical offering, discussions, negotiating terms and conditions, assessing agreements, providing assistance in handling logistics, representation during meetings. Price for service to be set individually.

One-time collaboration for one retail chain with a percentage-based profit sharing model (to be negotiated). The fee amount depends on the product and the competitiveness in the respective sector/product division.

Points of collaboration and its scope are determined individually.

Feel free to contact us directly to discuss the details.


Nowadays the term ‘employee cost’ means the basis (i.e. the remuneration) and the elements the employee cares less about – taxes, social security, additional costs associated with enabling work such as company phone, company laptop, and/or company car. The total cost ranges from a few thousand to several thousand Polish zloty per month. By working with us you will reduce your costs to 1/10 of what a Sales Director with at least several years of experience would offer you.

``If you want to get somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already got there.``

Robert Kiyosaki


Be where your Customers are

Advantages brought by the modern channel:

  • providing your Contractors with a vast distribution network that encompasses all of Poland
  • access to research on market trends obtained by means of distribution networks
  • possibility to adjust the long-term business concept to the trends shaped by retail chains
  • the most cost-effective way to promote products on a national scale
  • access to the most effective tools for strengthening demand and sales
  • direct access to the end customer through retail chains provides the opportunity to review consumer feedback and performance data
  • presence in trading networks brings prestige to the manufacturer’s products
  • collaboration with retail chains is an opportunity for long-term growth of your company. By acquiring collaboration in the field of private label products, you gain the opportunity to expand outside the Polish market.


By choosing to work with us, our clients avoid the risk of making wrong personnel decisions. We offer the highest level of specialisation and knowledge in respect of how to collaborate successfully with retail chains.

What makes us special?

In all our activities we rely on our expert knowledge on the functioning of retail chains, their procedures and operational schemes, as well as on established personal relations. This experience allowed us to develop a unique concept of service for companies wishing to establish or intensify their collaboration with the modern channel.

Benefits of working with us:

Immediate access to specialised knowledge, optimisation of costs of reaching and serving retail chain customers, no need to create a specialised commercial structure generating administrative costs. Taking advantage of established personal relationships.




Hours spent on project preparation




Products introduced on the market

``You can't do a good business with a bad person. Find the right people to work with and you can't go wrong``

Richard Branson


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