Our offer is addressed to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who want to develop their sales network but do not have the time or manpower to prepare an offer for the modern trade channels, as well as who wish to shorten the time of reaching and starting negotiations with the right people responsible for purchasing their products.

Nowadays, a director overseeing modern trade activities generates monthly costs of 15,000 to 20,000 PLN.

With our help you can develop your business effectively by reducing monthly costs and bypassing the ‘human factor’ in your company.

From our own experience we know that building collaboration with a retail chain takes anything from a few months to 1.5 year and our offer reflects that.

In addition, we provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with distributors, wholesalers, the

HoReCa sector and foreign distributors. We guide you step by step through the following phases:

Company/Product presentation

We offer extensive help in respect of presentation preparation, what information should be included there and how it should look for you to achieve success.

Product Price List

Building the right price factors for a product is key: we provide insight on what should be included in the price, what information should be included in the price list and how to form a price list

What to be aware of when entering into a new business relationship

Many elements in agreements are negotiable, but which of them SHOULD be negotiated above all others, that it a completely different matter. Our vast knowledge and experience will help you build your business development strategy; Together we will achieve SUCCESS


Conducting discussions and negotiations, participating in meetings, establishing order/logistics minimum values, establishing a marketing strategy together with a given retail chain, coordinating collaboration and ........., in short we will be your External Commercial Department in the modern trade channel.

Send us your offer, describe your products and your company in a few words and we will get back to you to discuss business possibilities.

Together we will achieve SUCCESS

Do you wish to collaborate with us?